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Full Version: some suggestions/ideas for you to make better services
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1) First of all i think it will be better to have 1 FREE hosting plan for our customers if they want to sign up and after upgrade to another plan.

For example the free plan will be with 5 GB disk space and 5 GB Monthly traffic or less without the freebies and only with 1 mysql, ftp, email etc.

A lot of Internet users searching for a hosting company that have a FREE plan to test 1st and after upgrade to paid plan.

With this i think we will make more and easiest money.

2) It will be perfect to allow our customers to build their own dedicated or vps servers.
What i mean? I mean to let them choose their disc space, monthly trafic, OS etc etc.
Maybe they want something in the "middle" of the products we offer.
Ofc they will have to choose for example from 100 GB Disk Space - 10000 GB Disk Space etc.

3) For us we use our custom website, will be perfect if we are able to have Remote Forms also for Latest News, Hosting Packages, VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers, SSL etc. Its difficult to change every week all packages prices.

4) An affiliate system will be perfect, cause we will have better income. we both.
Also this is the better way to advertise your/our services.

5) A demo panel for the resellers to see the changes they made and we have the control of panel design, will be perfect.

For example: i add my own logo but i dont know how it looks inside. I must saw how it looks before made the changes, to know what to add and what to leave as it is.

6) Coupons Codes will be perfect for us to take some customers.
I agree with all your suggestions except #1.

How can they provide free hosting.

though that would be better....
Those are really great insights, we will look in to them to improve and make our services reliable...
very well done paul


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wow! that would be wonderful.

Host Department is now being very interactive with customers.

Thanks for info, ALAN
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