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Full Version: Leap Year Gift
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Leap year brings one extra day in a year. So we all will be benefited with this extra day.We are offering 30% discount on our web hosting plans. This will be leap year's gift for our customers.

We are offering 30% discount on unlimited web hosting plan. Use Promo code: "MAX30".

Click to signup:

For Details Please Check:http://www.hostdepartment.com/blog/2012/02/29/leap-year-gift-by-host-department/
is this plan available now.........

or was it only for feb 29
This promo code still exists but cant say till what time it will be available. May be this weekend we stop this promo.
This offer is still valid with the same promo code. We have stopped in between but it is validated again, flat 30% discount on No Limit Website for Annual and Bi-Annual billing period. With Bi-Annual sign up you will get additional 6 months Hosting free.
That's great
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